Aeros Pelican Ready To Fly

Aeros’ revolutionary product, the Aeroscraft, is a new type of rigid variable buoyancy air vehicle designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations, including the ability to offload payload without re-ballasting. The key features of the Aeroscraft include the rigid structure, vertical takeoff and landing capabilities, and the ability to operate at low speed, in hover, and from unprepared surfaces. Aeros CEO
Igor Pasternak says the 230ft-long Aeroscraft prototype, called Pelican, has completed a ground-handling demonstration showing the 36,000lb vehicle can move without assistance from ground personnel, controlled from the cockpit and using its air-bearing landing gear. The Pelican was heavier than air for the demonstration, he says. The three remaining contractual demonstrations, which Pasternak hopes to
accomplish next week, include a vertical takeoff and offloading payload without taking on ballast - both accomplished solely by varying the vehicle's buoyancy. The fourth demo is of the vehicle's lightweight aeroshell, which does not rely  on pressurization for rigidity The Aeroscraft is unique because of its Internal Ballast Control System, allowing it to offload cargo without a ballast or the need to land. The
Aeroscraft can control lift at all stages with its Vertical Takeoff & Landing (VTOL) capabilities, and can lower down slung maximum payload while in aerial hover-mode. It is also built with rigid, carbon composite shell, making it sturdier and better able to carry payloads. The Aeroscraft needs no hangar facility, airport or excessive maintenance. The Aeroscraft is the pinnacle solution for large component, heavy lift transport. The Aeroscraft is a rigid, ballast- less air vehicle with true VTOL at the maximum
 payload of 66 tons with no infrastructure requirements, At 1/3 of fuel consumption, it has the ability to operate at low speed, in hover, from unprepared surfaces, and off-load with minimum ground handling. Aeros Airship Division is focused on the design, manufacture, delivery and support of some of the most advanced airships in the world certified by the U.S. FAA, as well as in Europe and Asia. Itsdr Aeros-40D Sky Dragon is designed to accommodate a market demand for an airship capable of multi-
Aeros high altitude concept, All photo and video credit: AerosAeros Pelican Ready To Fly
mission applications ranging from advertising and broadcast camera work, to serving as a sensor platform — all while maintaining low operational costs. The superior design of the Aeros 40D ensures the safety during operations. The airship provides exceptional maneuverability and control, utilizing a minimum number of ground handling crew. Source: Nanopatents And Innovations

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