Great Batusi! Designer Dreams Up a Hot Rod for Batman

For over seven decades, Batman, also known as the Caped Crusader and the Dark Knight, has captured the imagination of comic book readers as well as television and cinema viewers in his quest to bring justice Gotham City and keep the streets clean from evil-doers; sometimes in a very comical, tongue-in-cheek fashion (1966 TV Series), other times in a dark and perhaps tragic manner (Dark Knight). One of the coolest things about Batman other than man himself are his high-tech toys and especially his ride, aptly called the Batmobile, of which we've seen many, many iterations over the years, with this writer's personal favorites being the 1966 television model based on the Lincoln Futura Concept and the Tim Burton's live-action film edition. In essence, the Batmobile can be any kind of car, though, that doesn't mean we like everything we see. This one, however, a hot-rod edition of the Batmobile designed by Mark La Frenais, looks pretty cool in our books and we wouldn't mind seeing it make the jump from a computer generated design to a real-life, fire-breathing, V8-powered bat-monster. What do you think? Story References: Mark La Frenais Hat tip to Sebastien! Source: Carscoops

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