A 112-megapixel consumer camera concept needs your social love

Sam Daily TimesSpectral Instruments may be a small company, but it has already designed several impressive cameras, including one called 1110 series that can capture the stars and the sun even in the middle of the day. The company's products have been designed for use by research facilities and spacecraft. But this time, its employees hope to create a custom-made version of the super high-tech 1110 series that can be used by photographers on Earth. The 1110 series is a 112-megapixel camera with ultra light-sensitive sensors that enable it to take noiseless black and white images. The employees plan to downsize the camera (it's pretty big, as you can see in the video below) and have a professional photographer try it out during a photo shoot. Before the employees can start, though, they still have to convince the company's management that the project is worth its hefty price tag by gauging people's interest on the project over the internet. And that would've been a much easier task if they released sample pictures to show what the camera can do. Nevertheless, if you want to help them get the response they need, spread the word bytweeting or posting about the project on Facebook and other social networking sites.Source: Sam Daily Times

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