Russia develops revolutionary treatment for burns

© Photo: «Vesti.Ru»
Russian scientists have developed revolutionary treatment for burns. Experts at the State University in Saratov have invented a unique material based on chitosan which quickly restores the skin after exposure to high temperatures. The innovative product is a bio-polymer fibre, which has been artificially developed using chitosan that is contained in the shells of crustaceans. The unique properties of this substance have long been known to scientists. However, attempts to make a dressing material on its basis have ended in failure until recently. The advantage of this material is unlike an ordinary bandage, it reduces time needed to treat burns by three times and leaves no scars. The nano-bandage soaks up all liquid that discharges during the healing of an injury. There is no need to replace or remove it. It reabsorbs itself. Moreover, this is an excellent antiseptic that destroys microbes in the wound, says chief medical officer at the Saratov Burn Centre Professor Nikolai Octrovsky. “The dressing treats, stimulates, lies on the tissues without adhering. There is no need to replace it and consequently, the patient does not feel any pain caused by the removal of scabs when using ordinary dressing material. This is a new dressing material with unique properties. It is like a cover of seedlings. This greenhouse should preserve heat, light should penetrate into it and the temperature inside should be stable. The dressing material plays a similar role that helps to restore the skin when a wound is bandaged,” Nikolai Ostrovsky said. According to the expert, the substance has been patented and has undergone clinical tests. Its mass production will be launched shortly. The new material aroused great interest among physicians not only in Russia but also abroad. The U.S. has already made offers, while a leading company that produces plasters in Europe, French URGO Company, is holding talks on the production of this material in France. In this case, this will be an international brand,” Nikolai Ostrovsky said. Source: Voice of Russia

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