Solstice instead of the apocalypse

Solar flares animated
Astronomers assure that all large meteorites and asteroids are calculated and controlled, and the sun is behaving quite adequately, and magnetic attack on Earth is not expected. But the astronomical phenomenon will still be December 21. The winter solstice, which differs longest night time. But there are good points: after 21 days will be added. No wonder in Russia, this time called the solstice is celebrated
Earth Seasons
as the birthday of the light. This fall to mankind predicted end of the world: a huge solar flare is separated from the Sun and headed straight for Earth. Will break down all of the power system. Planet will cover the darkness and chaos. This is the scenario of the apocalypse predicted humanity. But September 21 - the first end of the world behind. Moreover, the sun that day was calm as ever. But, in fact, our land is located next to a huge nuclear reactor. Every second, the sun spews 4,000,000 tons charged matter. The sun gives our planet life but also surprises star can also teach. Powerful flash can disable satellites, disrupt communications, but no more than that, say the scientists. "September 21 and March 21 of this year - are special days on the calendar, said Sergei Gaidash, head of forecast IZMIRAN geophysical conditions. These are the days when the Sun and the Earth are in a special way in orbit, and these days are special conditions for the magnetic storms. That is, if something comes from the sun, then it comes favorable to arrange the storm. Therefore, it was said that on September 21 the most appropriate day for the end of
Fall on Jupiter, Comet Shoemaker-Levy
the world. Of the highlights in our lifetime - is 2003. At  this time even satellites launched between flashes, and nothing, everything worked fine, and all have lived up to now ... Of course, if a person is going to live for more than 2 billion years old then, of course, the sun will be different, and it can destroy our land, but it is not even "tomorrow ..." According to the Mayan calendar on December 21 ends one era and another begins. But mankind will not perish from the sun, experts say and show satellite images of light. Although the star and going through an active period, it is absolutely calm. So afraid of the sun should not be more plausible scenario of a global catastrophe with an asteroid or comet. In 1994, the entire world watched the fall of Jupiter Comet Shoemaker-Levy. "This comet broke up into multiple kernels, and now
Comet Shoemaker-Levy impacts on Jupiter
this picture before colliding with Jupiter - says a leading researcher of the Astronomical Institute of Sciences Vyacheslav Emelianenko. - After such a powerful bomb giant Jupiter took two weeks to recuperate. Few weeks were a perturbation, and then it was all quiet, observed spot is the place where the collision occurred, about two weeks. " Of course, drop a comet to Earth, tragedy is inevitable ...Scientists estimate that wipe out all life enough space body size kilometer. Similar events in the history of our planet has been. They are called - the "great extinction". Last happened 65 million years ago. But astrophysicists assure - the modern world should not fear the asteroids - the killers, at least, in December
NEO Asteroids (Near Earth Object)
this year. "Now we know almost all the asteroids that are more than one kilometer, - says the researcher of the Astronomical Institute Academy of Sciences Sergei Naroenkov. That is, in principle, these bodies do not have to fear for them to determine the orbit, and they will not meet with the Earth. " It turns out that the death of a deadly asteroid is also canceled, and the fate of the dinosaurs does not threaten us. While a number of scientists believe that the nature of these kings is not destroyed the outer body, and the ordinary laws of the universe. Paleontologist, Academician Alexei Rozanov believes that by the time a large asteroid fell on our land, almost all the dinosaurs died out already: "They started to die, at least 10 million years before the event." In short, the threat from space yet hypothetical. Rather, the danger for all living is the man himself. His selfishness, and in relation to others and to nature. But this question is not a science, and not to the Mayan calendar. Original text in Russian:, Images, Text, Credits: Roskosmos TV Studio / ROSCOSMOS / NASA / SDO / Translation: Aerospace. Source: Space News

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