Brooklyn Bridge Abduction

Linda Cortile was abducted around 3:00 A.M., on November 30, 1989. She was happily married and a mother of two children. On November 30, Linda was asleep when was suddenly awakened only to find several aliens standing beside her bed. They were little figures, a little more than four feet; their heads were out of proportion to their bodies and ?teetered there as if they might fall off under their own weight.? Linda remembered being transported out of her apartment building and into a UFO. She had no recollection of the events after that. The next morning, Linda contacted UFO investigator Budd Hopkins and told him what she remembered about the abduction. Linda revealed, through many hypnosis sessions, that while inside the craft the aliens had examined her nose. Linda said during hypnosis:? They?re feeling the contour of my nose and they?re looking in my nose on the left side. And then they go to the right side and they?re looking inside there. And I?m just saying to myself, ?I hope I sneeze. And I hope they get it right in the face.? They?re spending a lot of time on the right side of my nostril.? The alien also performed numerous tests on Linda?s body, from her feet to her chest. At first Budd thought it was another case of encounter that can be explained in a psychological way, but fifteen months later Budd received a letter from two men claiming that they were police officers and that they had witnessed Linda?s abduction. Budd continually tried to contact the two officers but they refused to meet with Budd. It was later revealed that the two alleged police officers were bodyguards for a famous political figure in New York City. The two bodyguards, along with the anonymous political figure, were heading toward the New York heliport when the car had stopped mysteriously on its own. The two bodyguards and the political figure had witnessed the entire abduction. Also, in 1991, Budd received another letter from a woman saying that while she was passing over the Brooklyn Bridge at 3:00 A.M. on November 30, 1989, all of the car's lights and engine failed, including the streetlights nearby. She got out of her car to see what may have caused this and she saw, along with other drivers, a woman floating, twelve-stories high, into a UFO above her apartment building. Out of five witnesses, only one of them could be verified. Aside from the witneses, physical evidence was also discovered. During Linda?s routine examination that took place some time after the abduction, a metallic object was discovered inside Linda?s nasal cavity, a possible alien implant. Two weeks after the x-ray was taken, Linda suffered a serious nosebleed during the night. In the morning she had found extensive bloodstains on her face, pillow, and various places. Linda remembered nothing about the nosebleed and had no clue as to how she could have gone to sleep without realizing that her nose was bleeding. A later x-ray was taken and another examination was performed by specialists but the metallic object was no longer present, though a conspicuous ridge of built-up cartilage showed that there had once been an implant. It was believed by both Linda and Budd, that it had been removed by the alens, after the x-rays had been taken in order to conceal their efforts. Source: Article

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