Tata Motor’s Airpod concept car – why did we ever bother with electric cars?

As you will have guessed, its been designed for urban driving in mind. The small three-seater’s size and weight saving design also helps the power generated from the engine better propel the car. Tata has been working together with Luxembourg firm MDI who specialises in air automation in order to trial the Airpod’s latest innovation for quite some years since buying rights to the engine. As the Airpod continues through further phases of testing, its thought that its ‘fuel’ and cost efficiency may be as favourable as costing just €1 to ‘fill up’ at a specialised filling station. Alternatively the Airpod may sport an on-board electric motor that when activated could fill up its own 175 liter air tank from the atmosphere in order to achieve a range of 125 miles. Tata reports top speeds of around 50 mph. We’ll be sure to keep updated on more news about the Airpod which is expected to cost approximately $10,000. Source: SAGA Torrents

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