Robert Taylor UFO Close Encounter, Scotland 1979

"Robert Taylor, a forester from West Lothian, Scotland, encountered a strange object and equally strange smaller objects or "entities". The rounded larger object, 20 feet in diameter, hovered above the ground. Then, two small objects, which were round but had appendages, "rushed" toward him. These objects each attached itself to one (each) of his trouser legs and tugged him towards the larger object, at which time Taylor lost consciousness. Ground marks were discovered at the scene of the encounter." Taylor later regained consciousness and upon doing so discovered the object had disappeared. Taylor then discovered he had trouble attempting to speak and could not get to his feet. He then crawled 100 metres along the ground and managed to stagger the rest of the distance back to where he had parked his truck. On reaching the truck he attempted to call for help on the truck's two way radio, but struggled due to his loss of voice. Taylor then attempted to get back home in the truck, but accidentally ditched it in soft earth while trying to drive in his condition. Due to his vehicle being stuck, Taylor walked the rest of the way back home [citation needed]. Other sources state the truck did not start and Taylor had to walk home from its parked location.[citation needed] Taylor was always cited as being a man of good character, honest and reliable. He never asked for payment on reciting his version of events and up until his death at the age of 89 in 2007, still defended what he had seen on Dechmont Law. Today, a plaque (which was later stolen) and a small statuette are located in the clearing where Taylor stated he saw the object. Investigation and evidence: Upon reaching home at 11:30 a.m., Mary Taylor, Taylor's wife, expressed concern at his state. She assumed he had been attacked and called the police. Taylor intervened and requested she contact Malcolm Drummond, a supervisor at Livingston Development Corporation. While awaiting Drummond's arrival, Taylor complained of a headache and kept saying that he had been "gassed". Drummond and Taylor both attended the scene of the incident a short while later the same day and discovered strange indentations in the forest floor which Taylor stated had not been there earlier that morning. One set were described as looking like rungs in ladder, the other indentations which numbered forty in total were suspected to be the tracks left by the smaller objects. No scorch marks were seen on the forest floor. Staff of the Livingston Development Corporation later took photographs of the scene. Taylor was seen by a doctor who found only grazing to his chin and thighs. Due to his injuries the police recorded the matter as a common assault. Taylor's wife noticed tears in his trousers where Taylor claimed the small objects had attached themselves to him. The police later seized the trousers to be forensically examined. The forensic examination determined the tears in the trousers suggested the implements that had pierced the material, attempted to lift Taylor in an upwards fashion. Source: Article, Image:

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