Drinking alcohol, 50 Elephants got drunk and raged in India

This is what happens when an elephant drunk. Elephant herd consists of 50 head raided a intoxicating liquor store in India and drank 18 jerry cans of Mahua
A report said, the smell of the drink is interesting for herd of elephants out of the forest and raided the store. The elephants were drunk also invade surrounding shacks, looking for another alcohol liquor, unsatisfied by it. Thus published in Times of India article. High levels of alcohol make a herd of elephants unchecked, they cause chaos and entered Dumurkota village, which is under the supervision of Kotwali police station last Sunday. Until late at night, the police officers struggling, trying to lead a herd of elephants crossing the river Kangsabati. "Unfortunately, these animals live close to humans, they also recognize the smell of alcohol," said police spokesman, Asish Samanat. He added, similar to the human elephant drunk. They can become aggressive and unreasonable. The difference is, "they are much bigger than us." Herd of drunken elephants allegedly were part of a large herd of 120 that come from other areas on Friday night. To cope with elephant acts that are not fully aware, the police asked the villagers to help drive them away. Luckily Asian Elephants are smaller than African elephants and more easily tamed, although they can run at speeds of 30 miles per hour. It was not the first time an elephant drunk and cause trouble. In 2007, six elephants had paralyzed for being wild and crazy after rice wine party. Meanwhile, in 2010, a herd of drunken elephants consisting of 70 raged villages damaging and killed three people. Currently only left about 50,000 Asian elephants in the wild. Although they have no natural predators.  Source: Animal World

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