PharmaKing Co. Ltd, makes a miracle for patients with hepatitis


                                            Nissel                                                                                   Pennel Capsule    
As the number of patients with diseases is constantly growing, there have been lots of medicines coming out to cure diseases. As demand for medicines has kept rising, many medical businesses have found themselves sitting on a pile of money. Among them is PharmaKing Co., Ltd. which has grown into one of the leading biotechnology ventures. Since it was established in 1975 under the name of ‘Taerim Industry’, PharmaKing Co., Ltd. has developed medicines to cure patients with hepatitis. The miraculous medicines produced by PharmaKing give hope and dream to patients suffering from diseases all around the world. The company has been investing more than 20% of its total revenue in R&D for the development of competitive medicines. As a result, the first hepatitis medicine in Korea named ‘Nissel’ came out to the market in July, 1990. The effectiveness of the newly discovered medicine took many people by surprise within and outside the nation. Nissel is a very effective solution for hepatitis followed by the increased number of transaminase caused by chronic hepatitis with the continuously increased number of SGPT or by drugs. PharmaKing Co., Ltd. made its name when it earned a patent for its dedication to the discovery of the first hepatitis medicine. Then it went on to launch another breakthrough named ‘Pennel capsule’ in Feb. 1998, which has become the most popular drug against hepatitis in Korea. Pennel capsule is a combined product of fbiphenyl dimethyl and Garlic oil. Biphynyl dimethyl dicarboxylate has been found to be effective in liver function and symptoms of patients with chronic viral hepatitis. The superiority of PharmaKing Co., Ltd has been widely recognized in numerous Southeast Asian countries including Vietnam. It has grown enough to export ‘Pennel capsule’ to Egypt. The company has come a long way, but it will never stop looking for a new miracle for patients. For more information, please visit has been selected as the KOTRA Global Brand since 2012.Source: Korea Times

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