Vibrating pen picks up mistakes as you write

A vibrating pen lets fledgling writers know when they're making mistakes.
The writing tool from Lernstift is capable of picking errors in spelling or letter formation in real-time, delivering a warning vibration to the writer's hand. Currently a test prototype, the electronic pen is programmed to recognise movements associated with each letter form. In calligraphy mode it can buzz the user when the letter shape is being created oddly, while in orthography mode it can be used to pick
up spelling or grammar mistakes - one buzz for spelling errors and two for grammar. Creators Falk and Mandy Wolsky (an inventor and an education specialist, respectively) explain on their website that the invention was inspired by their son's early writing attempts - "From the very first words there were
errors." By issuing corrections without a time delay and without the need for an instructor to be present at all times, the learning pen could cut down on the time taken to learn to write. Conceptually it also has a lot in common with the recent haptic snowboard instruction suit which offered vibrations to correct posture
in beginners instantly. While the pen is aimed at those learning to write, provided the prediction software is advanced or flexible enough, it could also come in useful for uncertain spellers adrift from the digital safety net of wiggly red lines in word processing software. The inventors will launch a crowd-funding project during February, 2013 to raise money to develop and market the idea. Proposed improvements for future pens include adding pressure sensors, computer connectivity and an open platform to allow others to develop apps and expand the functionality of the pen. Images Credits: Lernstift,  Source: Alizul

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