Honda MIIMO: Robotic Lawnmower that mows your lawn on its own

In the past we saw all sorts of robots, and today we have a robot that actually might help you around the house. This robot comes from Honda, and although it’s not designed as a humanoid robot, it will mow your lawn. MIIMO is a robotic lawnmower, and it is designed to cut 2-3mm of grass at a time. What makes MIIMO great is that it supports self-charging, and in fact, MIIMO monitors its lithium-ion battery, and it will automatically return to its charging station when it gets low on power. According to the reports, there will be two version available on the market: MIIMO 300 and MIIMO 500, and the only difference between the two is that MIIMO 300 has 300m cut perimeter while the MIIMO 500 has 500m cut perimeter. Although MIIMO robotic lawnmower sounds amazing and actually useful, we don’t have any information regarding price or the release date, but don’t expect to get it cheap once it’s released. Source: SAQAtorrent

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