BlueAnt Ribbon streams your music wirelessly

Enjoying the music on the go is always fun, and today we have a device that will let you enjoy in music wirelessly wherever you go. BlueAnt has announced its latest multi-functional Ribbon music streamer that  lets you stream music via Bluetooth to any speaker. In addition, Ribbon doubles as a headset, because you can attach it to your shirt and connect your headphones to it, so you can enjoy in music
while on the go. Ribbon works as a Bluetooth 3.0 receiver, and it comes with 3.5mm  stereo output, so you can easily connect it to any speaker system that has 3.5mm AUX input, using the AUX cable. We
have to mention that   Ribbon comes with a built-in microphone, so you can use it to for calls as well. As for streaming, Ribbon is using Apt-X technology, and the device itself comes with volume control and
playback buttons.In addition, if you’re using Ribbon with Android or iOS device, you can use it to listen to your text messages. This music streamer will provide you with six hours of play time, and up to 250 hours
of standby time, and as for the recharge, it takes less than two hours for battery to recharge completely. BlueAnt Ribbon music streamer should be available soon for $69. Source: Saqatorrent

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