Talk to the hand with the latest Bluetooth gloves

Using your touchscreen smartphone can be almost impossible if you’re wearing gloves, but fear not, since with today’s pair of gloves you’ll be able to use your smartphone and do much more at the same time. Smartphones have been using capacitive touchscreens for a while, and only way to use them while wearing gloves is to take the glove off and use your bare hand, but during cold winter days that might not be the best and easiest solution. Today we have a special pair of gloves that comes with capacitive
threads, so you don’t have to take them off if you need to use your touchscreen smartphone. In addition, these gloves come with a Bluetooth receiver, microphone, and speaker that are built right into the glove, so you can take calls by talking to your hand. These Bluetooth gloves come with MicroUSB for charging, and if you don’t mind looking a bit silly while talking to your hand, you can pre-order these gloves from Hi-Fun for 50 €. Source: Saqatorrent

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