Now Mobile phone can drive your car

Science and technology has brought lots of changes in our daily life and technology had already been part of every human kind. On this regard, two researchers from china An Jiaxuan and an unnamed friend,had made the mobile application for Nokia C7 which was helpful to control the driving of car. That application helps to drive the car with out driver seating on driver's seat. The experiment for this application was successful and according to Nokia had already given green signal to application. Two researchers from china have prepared this application in just twenty days and according to them now this application is only applicable for Nokia C7 andBMW car. But days are not far, when this application can be applicable in every mobile set with Bluetooth and all types of car. Now you can imagine driving the car with out seating in the driver's seat and can park your car giving command from your cell phone. Just wait and watch this application to come in every cell phone and car!!! Source: The Ultimate Update

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