Astronauts to land on asteroid three million miles from Earth - and stay for a month

The Coming Crisis: The space agency Nasa is training a team of astronauts to land on asteroids after a three million mile journey - dwarfing the mere 239,000 miles travelled to the moon. The mission, planned for the next decade, would land on an asteroid travelling at more than 50,000 miles an hour. The astronauts will drive vehicles on the surface - and pick up skills necessary to destroy 'planet killer' asteroids that may approach our planet in future. Details of the mission were revealed by Major Tim Peake, a former British Army helicopter pilot, and the first official British astronaut with the European Space Agency. The journey to the asteroid and back could take up to a YEAR. Peake and five other astronauts will prepare for the low-gravity environment of the asteroid by spending 12 days in an underwater base off the coast of Florida, 65 feet beneath the Atlantic. Source: The Coming Crisis

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