LG Uplus success in demonstrating '31Gbps' speed at 5G base stations

LG Uplus and Huawei engineers demonstrate 31Gbps transmission speed using 5G base stations
Using a frequency of 28GHz, which is considered to be a powerful 5G frequency, the 2GB high-definition movie is down in 0.5 seconds.

BY YEON CHOUL-WOONG (INFO@KOREAITTIMES.COM): LG Uplus demonstrated the downloading speed of up to 31Gbps, which is more than 100 times faster than the current 3-band LTE_A technology using the test 5G base station,

When LG Uplus's 5G base station is commercialized, a 2GB high-definition movie will be downloaded to the mobile phone in 0.5 seconds.

This technology demonstration was conducted in cooperation with Huawei, a global network equipment maker. LG Uplus demonstrated the speed of 31Gbps by supporting 'Massive MiMO', which is considered as core technology of 5G network, in ultra high frequency (mmWave) Because it was applicable to Huawei equipment.

Massive Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) increases the number of digital signal transmission antennas connected to one base station from two or three to more than 100, delivering data to a large number of users at the same time, It is a next generation network technology that can transmit data.

With the application of massive MIMO's ultra broadband support equipment, even if several people connect to one base station at the same time, it is possible to provide 5G service to all users at a high speed without any speed degradation. Therefore, Virtual Reality(VR), Augmented reality(AR), Ultra High Definition(UHD) Broadcasting and other high-speed streaming services.

LG Uplus explained that the demonstration was conducted based on the 5G test base station and test terminal, and it was meaningful because it used the 28GHz frequency, which is considered to be dominant in 5G frequency in Korea.

LG UPLUS is testing the quality of 5G networks and commercialization of 5G networks in the future.

As such, LG Uplus is actively engaged in early commercialization of 5G base stations in cooperation with global equipment manufacturers to flexibly respond to surging data traffic while securing 5G network leadership by introducing next-generation network core technologies..

Kang Jeong-ho of the Network Technology Department of LG Uplus said, "Ericsson has demonstrated speeds of up to 26Gbps through 5G test bases, but at this demonstration, LG Uplus introduced 5G technology-based base stations and equipment faster than previously developed base stations." and "We expect to contribute greatly to the activation of high-quality services such as 4K and 8K UHD and VR in the future."Source: http://www.koreaittimes.com/

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