The Alien DNA

Scientists are nearing the next step in DNA technology, they have mapped almost the entire human genome. What did they find to be common in every human? ?Junk DNA.? They have not been able to find any function that this DNA provides, found that this DNA may not be junk at all, but could code for psychic abilities. This may sound like something out of a 50?s B movie, but it has been documented. The military and government have had programs focusing on telekinesis and remote viewing. The results were never made public of course, but they still conducted them. Many of the people who report to have these abilities happen to be abductees. This is what leads me to believe that the portions of our DNA that supposedly serve no function, control the other portions of our brain which we do not use. We currently use only 10% of our brains, so who is to say that other portions that have been dormant throughout our evolutionary advancement don?t control esp, telekinesis, remote viewing, etc? Why abductees? Simple, one of the current theories as to why the aliens are abducting people is to create an alien/human hybrid race that will have the abilities of both species. Many abductees have reported that the aliens do not speak with their mouths, but through telepathy. It seems that after repeat abductions, many people gain similar abilities. If the aliens are trying to make a change in human evolution, what better way that to reactivate these dormant traits so that human beings will be able to have a cosmic awareness instead of just a global one? Junk DNA that seems to have no function in our current state as a species may be in fact part of our creator?s original blue print. We have the ability to use other portions of our brains, instead our society has stunted our growth and prevented us from developing into a truly ideal society.  Source: Article, Image:

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