Robots will become part of the community in the year 2029

With the steady development in the world of robotics and artificial intelligence seems that we will soon see pm New technology becomes robots part of our new, at leastthis is one of the prevailing theories in this period and adopted by one of the pioneers of this field, which (Ray Kurzweil). According to Ray Kurzweil, (Sector Manager Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Google), it in the year 2029 will become robots able to interact with humans in a manner similar to the human interaction, and will not only become agencies for the implementation of difficult tasks, but it may become part of the community and involved human relations emotional and respond to him as well and is what brings us to Android
Pepper is able to read emotions and interact with them. It seems that the evolution of the robot will be reflected on communities in general, not just on the level of economic and technological and industrial, but rather on the social level as well, and whatever We disagree with (Ray Kurzweil), but we must not forget his place in the field and talking about the experience of being a and experience. Source: Article

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