Kicking off the 2014 Google Science Fair: It’s your turn to change the world

By Clare Conway, Can you imagine being able to convert one of your passions in an idea that will revolutionize the world? That's what hundreds of teenagers have been doing since the first Google Science Fair in 2011. The students have addressed some of the major challenges, such as a cold medicine , more effective ways to combat cancer , an exoskeletal glove , a flashlight without batteries ,bioplastics made ​​from banana skin and other efficient ways of farming . Now it's time to do it again.Again, we invite students between 13 and 18 years of age to submit their big ideas into fourth annual Google Science Fair, in partnership with Virgin Galactic , Scientific American , LEGO Education and National Geographic . All you need to participate is to be curious and have Internet access. Projects may be submitted until May 12 and the winners will be announced at the final gala to be held at Google headquarters in Mountain
View, California, on September 22. In addition to satisfying your curious mind, your project can also make you take some amazing prizes. The grand prize winner this year will be able to join the team at Virgin Galactic Spaceport America (New Mexico) when they are preparing for space flight and be the first to welcome the astronauts back to Earth; enjoying a 10-day trip to the Galapagos Islands aboard the ship National Geographic Endeavour and a year of free online access to Scientific American for their school.Winners in the age group may choose to enjoy inside the LEGO factory in Billund, Denmark and an amazing experience at a Google office or National Geographic. competition in this year, and give two new awards to honor more talented young scientists:
  • The Prize of Computing (Computer Science Award) to an innovative and excellent project grants in the field of computing. 
  • Winners of local awards . We will grant awards to participants from different places, they have tried to correct the problem or situation relevant to their community. 
The prize of Scientific American, Science In Action , recognize once again a project that attempts to resolve an environmental, health or resource problem. The winner will enjoy a tutorial of Scientific American of one year and a grant of $ 50,000 to invest in your project. stay informed of the competition in our Google+ page , get inspired with one of our virtual tours and ask questions to accepted scientific in our series of Hangouts live . If you need help starting your project, try our springboard for ideas . What is your passion?, what's your forte? What problems have always dreamed it would solve? It's your chance to change the world. Google Science Fair team. Source: ArticleImage

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