Gesture-controlled holographic display

L-R Beagle MD Harry Anscombe and Conran creative director Massimo Acanfora with the Holo
Engage Production has announced the distribution of Holo, a new development of the 'Pepper's Ghost' illusion. It offers the biggest 360° floating optical experience on the market, and is controlled by hand gestures. The 2.4 metre high, diamond-shaped Holo was designed by Conran and devised by London-based company Beagle Media. Launched in October at Sir Terence Conran's apartment in London, Holo is available in a bespoke range of colours and materials to achieve a minimalist design, including wafer-thin German engineered glass, brushed aluminium and chrome. Holo can either be purchased or hired from Engage. Sourc: IenAVate

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