Google buys military company that made robots for Pentagon

Boston Dynamics' robot Big Dog on ice and snow, also demoing its walking gait 
On Friday Google confirmed that it had completed the purchase of Boston Dynamics, a military grade robotic engineering company that has designed mobile research robots for the Pentagon (VIDEO). Executives at the Internet giant are very cautious about what exactly they plan to do with their robot collection, but Boston Dynamics and its machines can bring significant cachet to Google’s robotic efforts. Boston Dynamics was founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert, a former professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. it has not sold robots commercially, but has pushed the limits of mobile and off-road robotics technology, mostly for Pentagon clients like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or Darpa. Boston Dynamics specialise in animal kingdom-inspired creations. They are known for being incredibly agile, and have the ability to scale all types of challenging terrains. The company has gained a reputation for machines that walk with an amazing sense of balance and ability to run faster than the fastest humans. It is the eighth robotics company that Google has acquired in the last half-year. Voice of Russia, The New York Times, Mirror. Source: Article

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