RoboCat: not all cats are made for “likes”

Who doesn’t like a cute cat? The internet is crazy about these fluffy animals and a picture-of-a-kitty post always gets more Facebook likes than some routine photos. However, a new WildCat creature is something different.
WildCat is the latest version of the fastest robot in the world that can run up to 25 km an hour and developers hope that one day it will be able to speed over 100 km/h. This week, Boston Dynamics revealed its newest four-legged robot. The cheetah-inspired WildCat was designed with two different modes ­ "gallop" and "bound." It can successfully transition between the two different gaits just like a real cat can when it races and dodges across the prairies hunting food, which suggests the machine may ultimately be capable of greater sprinting. Boston Dynamics has been working on the robot for about a year, and believes the new invention could come handy in emergency rescue, firefighting, disaster recovery, agriculture and military operations. WildCat is really likely to end up on the battlefield fetching weapons to strategic positions as the robot was built under Defensee Advanced Research Projects Agency 's Maximum Mobility and Manipulation program, whose aim was to make "robots assist in the execution of military operations far more effectively across a far greater range of missions." Researchers also hope to make several adjustments for the WildCat to become faster, further and rougher terrain. Having obtained extra funding from DARPA, researchers have already started work on Big Dog, a futuristic pack mule, and PETMAN, an anthropomorphic robot for testing equipment. Olga YazhgunovichSource: Voice Of Russia

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