The U.S. military want to control the thunder and lightning

U.S. intelligence agencies are interested in the possibility of controlling the Earth's climate. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has ordered the National Academy of Sciences of the United States to carry out the relevant research. This gave rise to fears that the Americans are hoping to get an offensive climatic weapon. Scientists have two years to study the possibilities of the influence of human activity on weather. This research itself seems to be quite harmless. However, the fact that it is being financed from the CIA suggests that in reality, the Americans expect to develop a climatic weapon. It is quite difficult to understand to what extent this idea is substantiated. However, the fact that the militaries of quite a few countries have long been dreaming of climatic weapon is well known. Commenting on the situation, the director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis Alexander Sharavin said: “All leading countries of the world started developing climatic weapon more than 50 years ago. Some countries have made more progress than others. We know the cases of external influence on the climate. The problem is what will be the consequences, rather than whether we can change the climate or not. The most difficult thing in this area is to forecast the final result. And so, in view of this, it is impossible to consider all the activities in this area as attempts to develop weapons. Therefore, the sums of money which are now allocated by the American government for research in this field are very small. The sum is just a few hundred thousand dollars. This, of course, is a ridiculous amount for developing new weapons.” Meanwhile, an incident is known when the United States acted on weather for the sake of achieving military success. It happened during the Vietnamese campaign. At that time the Americans carried out the “Popeye” operation; in the rainy season they sprayed silver iodide from airplanes. As a result, the rainfall has increased threefold, while the duration of the rainy season increased 1.5 times. After such rains the roads and paths that the guerrillas used to supply weapons and ammunition turned into a continuous swamp. However, at that time it became clear that such methods of warfare are very expensive and produce short-term effect. Nevertheless, the belief that Americans are able to put “an evil climate curse" on its enemies is still alive. So, in September last year, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the enemies of the Islamic republic were causing drought. And before that, the now deceased Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez accused the United States of being involved in triggering the earthquakes in China and Haiti in 2010. “In Russia, the blame for the anomalous heat at one time was pinned on the American HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme) station,” recalls the head of climate programmes of Wildlife Fund (WWF) Alexei Kokorin: “The long-distance communications station, roughly speaking, a giant microwave oven, called the HAARP station in Alaska, is well known. And when there was a terrible heat in Moscow in the summer of 2010, there were rumors that it was caused by the activity of the station. In principle, such a station is able to punch a hole in the clouds, even at a great distance. It is a different matter that during the Moscow heat the hole was just not discovered. The HAARP station is not a unique project. Similar stations are functioning in other countries, including Russia, in the Nizhny Novgorod region. The only difference is that most of the data obtained by HAARP is classified and the U.S. Navy took part in it. Perhaps this fact contributed to the demonization of the image of the HAARP station. Be that as it may, the station was closed recently due to the lack of funds in the budget to maintain its operation. Source: Article

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