Meteorites: the secret signs

Meteorites fall on the Earth (Artist's view)
The international expedition to study meteorite catastrophes of the past - a joint Russian-American mission, headed by world-renowned scientist - Dallas Abbott. It belongs to her discovery of a number of such craters on the planet and the hypothesis about the impact of meteorites on Earth evolution. At this time, the scientists are going to dot the "i" in the origin of the two Russian lakes. "Smerdyache" - the most enigmatic and mysterious lake in the Moscow region, near the Shatura. Even the name is scary. It is said that once there was a church. She went into the water together with the priest. Truth or fiction, is not known. However, the landscape around adds mystique ... and unusual shape of the lake - a perfect
Smerdyache lake
circle. "This lake is the most suspicious of 30-40 lakes in Shatura, - said Vyacheslav Gusiakov, head of the Laboratory of the Institute of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics SB RAS. - The origin of the remaining lakes are more or less clear. And here is flat terrain and suddenly there is a ring structure, surrounded by a rampart and further reduction ... " But it is almost perfectly round shape of the lake and attracted fans of extraterrestrial stories. Their version: Lake meteorite origin. Formed ten thousand years from the fall of 20 meter outer body. Evidence of this hypothesis, a lot. However, he has not yet found a meteorite. A joint Russian-American expedition just to dot the "i" in the origin of this water body. Vyacheslav Gusiakov believes that the main thing - to find the right place and to take samples under the ground, to see if there are rocks ejected from the depths, to study the geological section of the
Depression Svetloyar Lake - Crater meteorite origin
site at a depth of 50-60 meters. But the first round of the lake, and the most cursory examination of his right brings some interesting finds. "There is a set of stones that just amazed how all of this - says a leading researcher at the Institute of Geography, Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Maccabees. - In some places there are pebbles on which surprisingly smooth parallel cracks. But these cracks occur when the subject put a lot of pressure and suddenly take it off. " The task of scientists to take as many samples and conduct laboratory research to say for sure whether the Moscow region in the past undergone a meteoric bombardment. "As part of any meteorite is metal, nickel - sure researcher Dallas Abbott, leader of the expedition. - On the ground, the soil is very little nickel. And if we find it in large numbers, it could be argued that it was the fall of the cosmic body. This is one way to prove that the lake
Image above: As part of an international expedition took part: Professor Dallas Abbott, a member of the Observatory-Doherty Earth Lomond, a researcher micrographs Dee Breger.
appeared as a direct result of a meteorite. "Renowned scholar American Dallas Abbott for the first time in the Russian outback. It belongs to her discovery of several craters on Earth. The most famous - underwater crater Mahuika near New Zealand. It was formed in 1447. Then, according to Abbott, fell into the ocean a huge meteorite, which caused a mega-tsunami, the wave height of over 100 meters. In 2009, she made a sensational new report: Little Ice Age in the 6th century, which lasted four years on Earth, too, caused by the fall of a large meteorite. It was followed by volcanic eruptions, dust emission in the atmosphere, crop failure, famine. The result - a global epidemic of plague. Dallas does not exclude that the Flood could also arise due to the fall of the celestial body. In the history of mankind are many myths and legends about the raging elements. But not knowing how to explain the disaster, people attributed their otherworldly forces. A striking example - Lake Svetloyar in the Nizhny Novgorod region. From this
Alexey Kiselev long held the view of meteoritic origin of the lake Svetloyar
place connects the mysterious disappearance of Kitezh City, according to the legend of the past into the water together with the people, not willing to surrender to the army of Batu. There are earlier - Mari myth. Lecturer of the Department of Astronomy of the University Mininskogo Alexey Kiselev retells it: "According to legend, there lived a tribe pans. Goddess Turk angry with the tribe and sent fiery horse, and this horse has destroyed the rebellious lords ... " But, there to have spoken, and the fall of meteorites - the phenomenon is not rare in our lives. But unlike a dead moon, where craters all at a glance, everything on Earth "space wounds" quickly tightened the winds and the rain. Search craters - this is one way to revive the memories of the past. Even after a century, the modern world reflect the cosmic threat not yet in force. ROSCOSMOS Press Release:, Images, Text, Credits: Roscosmos TV studio (ROSCOSMOS PAO) / Dmitry Karabelnikov (images) / Translation: Aerospace. Greetings, Source: Space News

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