One step closer: new gene therapy may completely cure AIDS

вирусологическая лаборатория Центр по борьбе со СПИДом и инфекционными заболеваниями пробирка анализ
A new way to treat AIDS has been discovered by an Australian researcher. Tests on animals will begin soon, but five years remain until they can be conducted on humans.
David Harrich, an associate professor at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) may have found a solution to cure HIV. This is the result of experiments with HIV protein and a gene known as Tat. Harrich himself says that the modified substance does not have any harmful effect on human cells, but he must still put it through very rigorous testing. First it will be tested on mice then in five years on humans. The idea of gene therapy gained popularity after the case of the Berlin Patient. The patient was cured of HIV after he had been transplanted bone marrow with a mutant form of the protein. Voice of Russia, FoxNews, Source: Voice of Russia

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