Shell puts unique twist on a classic with the 'Sounds of Energy'

With the world's climate continuing to change and the demand for energy of all kinds spiraling ever-upward, Shell is seeking to make consumers more mindful of both their energy options and their power usage. This week the global energy giant unveils a new -- and fun -- turn on those efforts with its "Sounds of Energy" campaign. The short clip features Edvard Grieg’s familiar “In the Hall of the Mountain King” augmented by an array of energy-related instruments -- everything from a solar panel to jars of bio-fuel to light switches. All of this, of course is to underscore Shell's commitment to alternative and traditional sources of energy for use in both the developed world and emerging economies. Shell plans to spend
At Shell, technology and innovation are seen as critical to producing enough energy to meet customer needs today and well into the future. The company has also endorsed the development of an international framework that puts a price on CO2, and is encouraging the use of all CO2-reducing technologies. 
$100 billion from 2011-2014 to support new energy production,and the company has already become of bio-fuels. Shel is also involved in eight wind projects in North America and three in Europe. Shell’s one offshore windpark, Egmond aan Zee, has 36 turbines. The company has said that in undertaking the project, it relied heavily on its extensive experience with oil and gas platforms to design a structure capable of withstanding typically harsh North Sea conditions. Each turbine is 55 metres high (180 feet) and weighs 115 tonnes, and the components are coated to protect against corrosion for 20 years. In short, Shell's position is that the nation's of the world can indeed enjoy a secure and sustainable energy future through further development of bio-fuel, wind and natural gas resources, the adoption of carbon capture and innovative storage strategies, and lastly, greater emphasis on energy efficiency by all of us. Source: Renewable Energy

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