Anarchy Reigns: a 'superbly orchestrated' combat game

Wacky characters, endless fist fodder and great music make this an online action gem
What you need to know: Online action combat video game Anarchy Reigns from Japanese games developer Platinum Games has been released in the UK. Platinum are best known for their ultra-violent combat game Madworld, as well as Bayonetta and Vanquish. Set in a post-apocalyptic world plagued by mutants and gangs, Anarchy Reigns allows players to control a variety of fighters, including Jack Cayman from Platinum's earlier Madworld game. Fighters use their outlandish hand-to-hand  or  weapons  skills  to
558439_Christmas 300x250defeat their opponents in a series of melee-style battles. Anarchy Reigns includes both single player and multi-player modes. What the critics like: This inspired reinvention of multiplayer brawling offers plenty of cheap thrills, says Roger Hargreaves in the Metro. It offers a substantial single-player mode but it's the "superbly orchestrated multiplayer action", favouring fists over guns, that makes it "one of the best multiplayer games of the generation". Platinum Games delivers another "action gem" that's full of wacky characters and even wackier moves, says Jeffrey L. Wilson on PC Mag. Insanity and a "constant stream of fist fodder makes it one well worth your dollars". Anarchy Reigns is a bit like a 'greatest hits' from Platinum's previous game releases, says Chris Carter on Destructoid. But it also has enough of its own charm to make it unique. The 16-character cast offers something for everyone, and the soundtrack is "incredible". What they don't like: Platinum fails to deliver "a coherent or distinctive experience", says Phil Iwaniuk in Official Play Station magazine. The chaotic action will leave your poor neurons frazzled, and while Anarchy Reigns borrows characters from Madworld, it has "none of the gripping visuals". Source: The Week UK

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