Russia announces plan to build new space station with NASA

Moscow (AFP) March 28, 2015 - Russia on Saturday announced initial plans to build a new orbital space station together with NASA to replace the International Space Station (ISS), which is set to operate until 2024. Russia and NASA recently agreed to keep operating and financing the ISS until 2024, but future joint space projects have remained in doubt, as relations between Russia and the US have plunged to post-Cold War.. Source: newzscience.blogspot.comRead Full At http://www.spacedaily.comImage

China plans to build huge space solar power station: BEIJING: China plans to build a huge solar power station 36,000 kilometres above the ground in an attempt to battle smog, cut greenhouse gases and solve energy crisis, much on the lines of an idea first floated in 1941 by fiction writer Isaac Asimov, state media reported today. If realised, it will surpass the scale of the Apollo project and the International
Space Station, and be the largest-ever space project. The power station would be a super spacecraft on a geosynchronous orbit equipped with huge solar panels. The electricity generated would be converted to microwaves or lasers and transmitted to a collector on Earth, state-run Xinhua news agency reported. In
941, American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov had published a short story "Reason", in which as pace station transmits energy collected from the sun using microwave beams.

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