Bay of Fundy, World's Highest and Lowest Tides

The famous Hopewell Rocks at low tide. (Source)
Located between the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Bay of Fundy features the world's highest, at 16.2 meters, and lowest tides. Everyday 100 billion tons of seawater flows in and out of
the Bay of Fundy during one tide cycle. It is estimated that during this cycle, more water flows in and out of the bay than the combined flow of the world’s freshwaterrivers. It is this phenomenon that tourists are drawn to this amazing place. Visitors can see two extraordinary high and low tides every 24 hours.
The famous Hopewell Rocks at high tide. (Source)
The bay's extreme tides create a dynamic marine ecosystem. Aside fromextreme tidal effects - vertical, horizontal, rapids and tidal bores, it is also renown for its coastal rock formations and sustainable coastal development. It is also a critical international feeding ground for migratory birds, a vibrant habitat for rare and endangered Right whales, one of the world’s most significant plant & animal fossil discovery regions
Bay of Fundy's tide level. (Source)
Bay of Fundy is one of North America’s top ten nature tourism destination. Every year, an average of 1 million nature tourists come to this place to experience the tides. 
Tourists watching the beginning of high tide. (Source)
High and low tide view. (Source)

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